P.O. Box 851, Fowlerville, Michigan  48836
Toll Free Phone: (877) 492-8326 ~ Fax: (517) 223-7558
We are always looking for honest, positive, high energy individuals to work with us
as full time or part time sales professionals. This is a commission based sales
opportunity ~ you get paid when you sell. If you can work on a commission only
basis, either part time for extra cash, or build a full time profession... please read

You can work with us anywhere in the continental U.S.A.

Our sales opportunities are endless. We sell to schools (elementary, middle
schools, high schools and colleges) for all of their sports uniform, apparel and
most equipment needs. We also sell apparel to school clubs, organizations and

We sell apparel and accessories to businesses and corporations... every business
on every street corner is another sales opportunity. Other opportunities include
youth sports organizations, travel teams, municipalities, area sports programs and

Commissions average at 10% on sales (8%-12% depending on profit margin) on
paid invoices.

There are no sales quotas or pressure to sell... we do however expect that you
have the drive to earn income, the time and energy to sell for us. If you don't have
these qualities... please look elsewhere.

If you are honest, want to earn extra part time income, or build a full time career,
are a positive person, enjoy working with people, and can take rejection (there is a
lot of "no" in sales), please contact us for more information.

If you are interested in joining our sales team, or just in more information about
this opportunity, please send us your resume with cover letter (see below). We will
contact you within a week to discuss this opportunity with you.

PHONE: (517) 223-1157
EMAIL: randy@sportsnapparel.com